How Does It Work?


How We Can Help

We understand that choosing a hosting service provider, installing WordPress, choosing the right theme and plugins, and keeping up with different standards, can be frustrating. Paying an agency to do it for you is not always affordable, so we streamlined the process for you. We take care of all the essentials so you can start customizing right away!

1. Pick and build plan

Getting someone to help you setup a WordPress website should be affordable. With our pick and build plan, you can choose how simple or complex you want your website to be. Don’t worry, we are here to help if you run into any problems.

Besides the initial setup cost, there will be recurring cost of hosting, domain name registration, and site maintenance. You can choose monthly or annually subscription, premium support and other add-ons. Read more about the step by step process.

2. Plug n’ Play

After you chose your plan, we will start setting up your WordPress website. We have created a simple and customizable theme for you, but if you don’t want to personalize it, then all you need is to fill your website with content. Our ready-to-go setup means that all you need is to put in texts/information and images.

We will also install all the necessary plugins and make sure your site is stable, meaning no conflicts between the plugins. You may notice some settings are missing, that is because not all of our users are knows WordPress well, and they may break their website. If you are comfortable working with WordPress, you can always request full access by sending us an email, or using the form in the “Request” tab under “Account”.

3. Add-ons

You are on your own for the most of the time, depending on which add-ons you chose. You can always ask us to find and install the right plugins according to your need. Simply describe what you want to achieve and we will come up with a solution! Just send us an email or use the form in the “Request” tab under “Account”.

If you want to do-it-yourself, we can teach you the fundamentals and things you need to watch out for. However, we strongly recommend you to choose the “Functional Support” add-on if you are still learning WordPress and not confident you can identify and fix common errors.

We will do background hosting maintenance, so you can focus on developing your WordPress site. The included standard support doesn’t include fixing errors and crashes caused by our users. Nevertheless, we will can still help you to sort it out! With “Premium Support” and “Functional Support”, we will fix any issues your website face. They also include a visit to your website once per month to see how everything is, and we will come up with suggestions for improvements.



Easy Customizable Themes

Create your website of your dreams with our easily customizable themes.

Essential plugins

We will take care of all the necessary plugins your website needs.

Mobile and Tablet Optimized

Automatic optimization, but you can also easily define how your shop look on different devices.

Modern Website Standards

Show and sell products or services on your modern up-to-date website.

Visual Site Builder

Take advantage of the intuitive and visual site builder to customize your website.

Design Effects

Make your website standout with parallax, fade, zoom and other unique effects.

Detailed Analytics

See how well your website is doing. Track your shop’s performance and stats.

Powerful SEO Tools

Use developed SEO tools to get your shop appear on Google search results.

SSL Certified

A SSL Certification makes sure your website is secure and safe for visitors.

Unique Domain Name

A custom domain name to make your site more professional. (Annual plans only)

Personalized Emails

Get unique email addresses that matches your domain name. (Annual plans only)

No-Worry Hosting

We take care of web hosting to make sure your site is up and running.

Email Support

Feel free to contact us when you run into problems or in need of help.

S.M.A.R.T Tips

Helpful tips and guides to help you improve your website and web skills.

Extra Add-ons

If you want more support, we provide extra personalized services.